Everyday Inclusion - An Interactive Journey

This is a three-part VR blended learning course exploring Unconscious Bias, Inclusion, Microagressions and Intersectionality.

Everyday Inclusion has been co-designed with Diversity and Inclusion experts at an Ivy League University.

The VR interactive experiences give you a first-hand experience of bias. They also include wrap-around learning material on unconscious bias and inclusion as well as additional resources for self-directed learning.

In this experience you will step into the shoes of Tamara, the new hire.

Part 1

Step into the shoes of Tamara, the new hire. Explore what it feels like to overhear exclusive behavior by your colleagues. How does it feel when they treat others with in a way that you know is unfair?


Part 2

“Hi, I am Tamara. I’m an organizational design specialist at Cornell. Everyone’s been nice for the most part and I really like my colleagues, but these little subtle and not so subtle things keep happening that make me feel… well.. you’ll see. “

Part 3

Step into the shoes of Victor, the team manager.

It’s challenging juggling work, expectations from supervisor and trying to support his team. Want to give Victors job a go and see how inclusive you can make this meeting?

Realtime data feedback

Explore your results and reflect on your experience as Tamara and Victor.

How did you feel about the choices you made?

Do you think everyone was included?

Here you can see your decisions and their impact on how included others feel

This shows how included each team member felt at the end of the meeting, compared to how they felt at the beginning

Did the team member’s reactions to your choices surprise you? Why?

What challenges did you face?

Do you think you could have done better?


everydau inclusion virtual reality diversity inclusion training white female character data visualization


This application was designed with Accessibility in mind. Leading the project was Angela Winfield – and we worked with her to ensure the experience worked for visually impaired users.

Visual Ability

We created a virtual world that works for visual impaired users through:

  • Speech AI voice interaction,
  • 3D directional sound
  • Audio descriptions
  • Customization of coloring

Physical Ability

VR user wheelchair accessibility cpa cerebral palsy vr training diversity inclusion ability

To be as accessible as possible we designed the VR interactions to be as flexible as possible to support different levels of ability or types of users, for example:

  • Users with one hand.
  • Users with some limited motor skills.
  • Seated or wheelchair use
  • Standing use, considering different heights.

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