Reflect – Part 2

Exercise Part 2

Now let’s do an exercise. Do the exercises below and watch the video.

Identity does not fit in one box. Read more from our friends at Mwah:

This experience focuses on particular types of unconscious bias, in particular, confirmation bias. You can revisit information on unconscious bias here.

When you were Tamara, you experienced and witnessed various subtle forms of exclusion. For instance you overheard a colleague talking about a “diversity hire” in another department, your supervisor singled you out to ask you to join the diversity council, and you heard a woman colleague get frustrated when a male colleague got acknowledged for something she had just said. Many people experience these sorts of subtle slights everyday because of one or more aspects of their identity. These behaviors are sometimes called microaggressions.

One way to counteract the negative effects of microaggressions is to engage in conscious inclusion or microaffirmations.

What does it take to practice micro-affirmations? You’re probably already using them. Recognize the large impact these small gestures can have on those around you. Here are some examples:

• Ask others for their opinions

• Recognize the achievements of others

• Use friendly facial expressions and gestures

• Take a genuine, professional interest in someone’s personal life

• Pay attention

• Make eye contact (yes, this means putting down your phone)

• Give credit to another’s ideas

• Nod and smile

Action: Think about intentionally engaging in microaffirmations.