Repeat – Part 1

Click the link below to open Everyday Inclusion part 1 in your web browser, and wait for it to load.

  1. Requirements for launching experience:
  • Laptop or Desktop computer (not an iPad, tablet or mobile phone)
  • High Speed Internet connection. This will reduce loading time and ensure the apps run smoothly.
  • Up-to-date Browser preferably Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Safari not supported. Make sure your browser is up to date before launching the apps.
  1. If your experience doesn’t load:
  • Make sure you’re connected to the internet
  • Make sure you’ve cleared your browser cache (for instructions on how to do this in any browser, click here)
  • Re-launch the experience
  • Allow time for the experience to load
  1. You will notice a ‘skip’ button in your apps. This is used when you’ve already played through the apps and want to replay scenes again. When replaying the apps and using the ‘skip’ button, we recommend allowing the audio to start before clicking the skip button. Once your characters have started talking, then hit skip to move forward to the next scene.